Hawkesbury-Nepean River Levels

North RichmondWindsor
Mar 20127.56.5
Mar 20136.05.6
Jun 20137.46.5
Apr 20155.25.2
Jun 20166.45.9
Feb 202011.59.4
Mar 202114.412.9
Mar 202214.113.7
Apr 202210.29.0
Jul 202214.213.9
Oct 20228.17.4
Apr 202410.49.4

Historical river level data is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Data service.

Wollondilly River Coxs River Warragamba Dam Camden Wallacia Castlereagh Grose River Yarramundi North Richmond Freemans Reach Windsor Windsor South Creek Ebenezer Cattai Creek Sackville Colo River Lower Portland Wisemans Ferry

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